planetary tribe

37 minutes, 2011


Reading nine years of ethnographic notes this film composes an audiovisual essay about the experience of Brazilian’s rave parties and their celebration of a transnational “tribe”. Filmed on Universo Paralello Festival which toke place in wild an idyllic beach of Bahia to New Year’s Eve 2010, the film focuses the interactions between ravers and indigenous people who were invited specially to this event. Juxtaposing the spectacle and the ritual, the technological party reveals utopias, hopes and tensions.

NTSC, color, 37min, 2011.
Direction, research and script: Carolina Abreu.
Editing: Ricardo Fernandes, Leo Fuzer.
Finishing: Marcelo Demari.
Voice Additional Off: Ana Teixeira.
Mixing Audio: André Rato.
Production: Center for Anthropology and Drama Performance - NAPEDRA.
Laboratory of Image and Sound in Anthropology (LISA-USP).
Thematic Project "Anthropology of performance: Drama aesthetics and ritual."
Research Project: Rave Experience: Between Spectacle and Ritual.
Support: FAPESP.
Festival: IX Pierre Verger Award of Ethnographic Video of the Brazilian Association of Anthropology (2012). July 4, 2012.